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2016 Serra International Convention

I love Serrans! This international organization is a part of the Church’s efforts to promote and affirm vocations to the priesthood and religious life. Their members are salt of the earth, ready to pray for and work for more vocations. I was blessed to speak at their international convention in St. Louis to share with the 400 members present about Vocation Ministry and Hundredfold.

Rhonda at 2016 Serra International Conference.Since this was new to many of them, they were happy to hear that Dioceses all around the country have embraced the book. I met Serrans from Nigeria, Kansas, and

I, too, was inspired, especially by the other speakers! Fr. Brett Brannen (pictured right), author of To Save a Thousand Souls and A Priest in the Family encouraged us all to continue gently prodding young men and women to ask God what he wants for their lives. He also said, “God will never send me where grace will not sustain me!” I am living proof of that statement. Most of my days are spent doing things that I would never imagine, whether it is speaking to 400 people in a room or an interview on EWTN! I just think God must know what he is doing here, so I will continue to do my part!

I would never have written the book without the support of the Houston Serrans, who are pictured left with me and a statue of St. Junipero Serra! They asked me to present what we were doing at St. Cecilia for vocations. I made my first PowerPoint Presentation that night in September of 2013. I knew they would be happy, but they were over-the-moon excited. A few Mondays later they were the first to ask how can we bring the model of a Vocation Ministry to other parishes in Houston, which led to my writing Hundredfold. All along the way I have been inspired by the Serrans that have prayed and worked in the field of vocations for decades! I feel blessed to be a Serran, especially after our patron saint was just canonized! If you want to find out more about Serra in the United States or find a Serra Club nearby, go to! God bless you! St. Serra, pray for us!

Rhonda in group photo with Serra Statue.