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Amid the Pandemic, the Holy Spirit Intercedes

For years, I have been working on holding workshops in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia! It is a vibrant archdiocese for vocations with an incredible Vocation Director Fr. Stephen DeLacy. Finally, we had decided on a date for me to speak with the priests and then, Covid-19 hit. We pushed the dates back and were ready to go until 36 hours before the workshop when someone at the seminary came down with Covid-19, and with no back-up plan for where the priests would meet, we decided to make the workshop virtual! The only issue is that we had NEVER given a workshop virtually.

How were we going to make that work? Normally, the response to the workshops is so positive because of the enthusiasm, passion, and energy that I give because I LOVE vocations! How was that going to translate over Zoom?!?! We had to create a studio in my normal study and figure out a million and one details for the presentation to make it more fun. No one wants to listen to a speaker for 3 hours over Zoom, right?



It was another opportunity to step outside my normal safe boat and trust in the Holy Spirit! Boy, did He come through! The priests were engaged, asking awesome questions and soaking in how to create a vocation-friendly environment at their parish using my book Hundredfold: a Guide to Parish Vocation Ministry and I am looking forward to meeting the parishioners of Philadelphia in December!

Please pray for the priests to find the right people to be part of this ministry! Come, Holy Spirit, Come!


Virtual Work Shop Philadelphia


St. Alphonsus Liguori, Pray For Us!