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Another Holy Spirit Moment

National Vocation Awareness Week 2015 was underway! Fr. Eli, our parochial vicar, was taking our 7th graders to St. Mary’s Seminary to visit, and the reunion Mass and classroom visits were happening on Friday.

Rhonda with Bishop Cahill

It also happened to be the week of St. Mary’s Seminary’s 60th anniversary, and they celebrated with a dinner for all alumni and benefactors. I was on the host committee, and one attendee I looked forward to seeing was Bishop Brendon Cahill, newly appointed Bishop of the Diocese of Victoria, Texas and alumnus of my parish’s school. He was coming to St. Cecilia in a few days to preside over the school Mass and tour the school.

After the dinner, I caught up with Bishop to say “Hi!” He responded, “I heard you on the radio!” Sweet! It made me think that I needed to get back in touch with John, a Serran who asked me to come to Victoria to speak to the Serrans months before the book was published. We had not emailed for several months with their transition of Bishops.

But when I arrived home after the anniversary dinner, I had an email from John asking me to speak with the priests of Victoria in March! I figured that Bishop Cahill must have said something to make that happen, but he had not!

Thank you, Holy Spirit!

Bishop Cahill with a class of students.