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Beaumont, TX Parishioner Workshop

Rhonda Gruenewald at Beaumont Texas WorkshopFirst workshop of 2019 was only a few hours from Houston in Beaumont, Texas! I knew this would be a great workshop because Bishop Guillory was so enthusiastic after the priest workshop a few months prior that he called me to thank me for Vocation Ministry. That had never happened before. He also cancelled a youth ministry retreat so that all the youth ministers could attend, which they did!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the head of youth ministry in the diocese was already promoting vocations on a regular basis, too. Beaumont was full of surprises!

What we did not plan for was more than 100 parishioners showing up to the workshop! This is a small diocese of only 74,000 Catholics, so that is a BIG turnout!

Thank you, Beaumont!

Attendees at Manchester New Hampshire Priests & Deacons Workshop.