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Our new book, The Harvest: A Guide to Vocation Ministry in Education,

is available for orders now!

Davenport, IA Priests and Deacons Workshop

Rhonda Gruenewald speaks in davenport, iowa.I knew the minute I arrived at the Best Western Plus in Davenport that the Priest and Deacon Convocation would be a hit! You just sometimes have a feeling about a place. This was one of those times! Every priest and deacon I met was so happy to have me there.

After my first of seven talks, there was a line of priests waiting to buy books. For me, I am not there just to sell books. It is not about making money for the nonprofit but about getting Hundredfold: A Guide to Parish Vocation Ministry into the hands of the parishioners who are ready to start a new wave of vocations for the Catholic Church!

I sold every book, even the books I had left over from another talk! These priests and deacons new this mission of vocations was serious! Many of them are close to or of retirement age and need someone to fill their shoes! Bishop Zinkula was ready to move, as well. Whatever needed to be done to promote vocations, he was all in! I can’t wait to go back in December to speak to the parishioners of the diocese and train them how to labor in the field of vocations!