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Deacon Sunday

Vocation Ministry, an organization dedicated to supporting and increasing vocations, has initiated the first annual “Deacon Sunday” to be held on Sunday, October 9 in an effort to affirm deacons and their families.  The event, which will be held yearly on the second Sunday of October, is bolstered by a number of creative resources and ideas developed by Vocation Ministry to be easily implemented into the life of parishes and schools.


To request an interview with the founder of Vocation Ministry, Rhonda Gruenewald, contact Carrie Kline at [email protected]


Meet the Founder, Rhonda Gruenewald

Rhonda Gruenewald is a passionate convert to Catholicism (1999), a former high school English teacher, and the founder of Vocation Ministry. Vocation Ministry has worked with more than 6,000 vocation promoters and ministries nationwide, presenting informational workshops to deacons, priests, religious, and laity on how to establish or revive a vocation ministry.  She is the author of The Harvest: A Guide to Vocation Ministry in EducationHundredfold: A Guide to Parish Vocation Ministry and its accompanying resource book, and she developed the website to provide information, activities, and inspiration for anyone seeking to establish or revive a vocation ministry.  Rhonda presents workshops to parishioners, deacons, priests, and religious to teach them how to do this important work at parishes all over the United States and Canada. She resides in Houston, TX with her husband and two grown children.


Deacon Sunday Suggested Interview Questions

1.) Can you share the origin of Vocation Ministry and how, as a layperson, you started it?

2.) Vocation Ministry’s newest initiative is Deacon Sunday. Tell us why you felt a day dedicated to honoring deacons is important.

3.) Deacon Sunday will be celebrated annually on the second Sunday of October–any significance to this timing?

4.) What kind of resources have you developed to help parishes and schools honor their deacons?

5.) Where can people go to learn more?


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