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Diocese of Austin

When I have a workshop in my own home state of Texas, I rejoice! I love traveling this state in which I grew up! I want vocations booming here in this state in a BIG way!

I had been trying to have a workshop in Austin for about 4 years, so to finally get the call was tremendous. The Hundredfold Workshop for the Diocese of Austin, was held in Jarrell, TX, about 30 miles north of Austin. The diocese includes 123 parishes and missions and six university Catholic student centers in 25 counties in Central Texas, including the University of Texas, my alma mater, Texas A & M University, Baylor University, and others. We are talking over 150,000 students, which is .  For many dioceses, this is unimaginable in scope, but you know the saying, “in Texas, everything is bigger!”

I learn so much from each diocese and the parishioners and priests I meet! At this workshop it was not about large numbers of people, but a dedicated few, some traveling 3 hours, who are committed to helping build a culture of vocations. Fr. Jonathon, the Vocation Director, passed out a list of which parish the last 20 years of priests had come from. Some parishes have been producing fruit for years and others have experienced a drought of vocations! I bet you can relate to one of these two realities. It seems like there is not much in between. Whatever may be the case, know that what you do at your parish for vocations, makes a difference!

Blessed Mother, pray for us!

hundredfold copy from Austin TX