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Our new book, The Harvest: A Guide to Vocation Ministry in Education,

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Diocese of Syracuse- Catechists

Another FIRST for Vocation Ministry! As part of our new Education Initiative, we now are engaging catechists to promote vocations in a variety of ways. There is little doubt that without wonderful catechists sharing their faith and encouraging their students to living out their Baptismal call to holiness that we would have fewer sisters, brothers, and priests to share the news of Jesus. 

Why is this so important? We need to help our young people recognize that each one of them has been given a unique call from God to do something special, and if that student does not do it, it will go undone in the Church and in the world. 

Catechists are on the front line of our Catholic faith and answering that call within a call to being a Catechist. As Pope Francis said, “Being a Catechist is a Vocation of Service.” Many already do a great job of promoting vocations to their students! Thank you!  

We must prepare the soil for vocations in our catechism classrooms by guiding our students to be disciples first, leading them to holiness. Give them opportunities to encounter Christ by your witness and through prayer, and as they mature, they can discern more fully what God is calling them to: Priesthood, Consecrated Life, or Marriage.  

gave them new ideas to inspire them to promote vocations, including an art contest, focusing on the saints, and adoration, even for our young children. 

I thank the Diocese of Syracuse and the catechists that welcomed me and listened eagerly to our suggestions.