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Diocese of Victoria, TX

I knew this spring would be crazy busy for vocations and my family. With two teenagers, each involved in a variety of activities, I figured I would be treading water to keep afloat! Thankfully, the graces keep flowing.

Rhonda with Father Cahill.I am so energized when I meet parishioners who hear the message of Vocation Ministry and take it back to their parishes. It’s even more exciting to speak at a meeting of diocesan priests, since, as we know, sometimes our priests are not on the vocation bandwagon.

In spring of 2015, the Pope named a former St. Cecilia Catholic School Graduate, Fr. Brendan Cahill, as the Bishop of the Diocese of Victoria. We were thrilled, and celebrated with a send-off Mass followed by a wonderful congratulations reception. What a blessing!

Bishop Cahill asked me to present to his diocese, so earlier this month I gave a presentation to the priests of Victoria. Afterward, I spoke to the Serra Club of Victoria, some Incarnate Word sisters, and youth ministers. They could not have been more receptive to the idea of creating a culture of vocations at their parishes. I sold every book I brought with me, over 100 of them!

I look forward to going back in the fall to speak at their catechetical conference to spread the word further! God bless you, Bishop Cahill and the Serrans of Victoria!

Rhonda at Victoria Texas workshop.