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Dioceses of London and Peterborough

Rhonda at dioceses of london and peterborough.1. It was my first time to speak internationally!

2. I saw my first black squirrel.

3. We had our first commissioning of Vocation Promoters at the Masses which was so powerful!

4. I ate at Tim Horton’s and found out what Timbits are (donut holes).

5. It was the first time I have received a gift from parishioners. Canadians are some of the absolute nicest people ever!

rhonda with statue of St. Alphonsus Liguori6. First group pic of a workshop with a bishop!

7. Fr-Patrick Beneteau was the first Vocation Director to say he had read and would promote Hundredfold in his parishes in August, 2015! So, to be with him in London, Ontario and meet some of those parishioners was amazing!

8. First selfie with a Vocation Director during a workshop! Fr. John Perdue rocks!

9. I saw my first larger-than-life statue of St. Alphonsus Liguori, patron of vocations!

10. First time to be in a church named St. Peter in Chains! Gorgeous!

Thank you, Fr. Patrick and Fr. John, for bringing me up north to spread the word about Vocation Ministry! Our Lady of Mercy, pray for us!

group photo of dioceses of london and peterborough.