Soy maestra, ¡y me hizo darme cuenta de algunas maneras en que puedo promover las vocaciones en la escuela!

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Workshop – Parishioners


The workshop will re-ignite our focus on vocations — to marriage, priesthood, and religious life — which flow from our baptismal call to discipleship. Practically speaking, the workshop will train and equip you to create a parish-based Vocation Ministry that will educate and inspire adults and young people to discern God’s will in their lives. The workshop includes a 3-hour workshop, downloadable resources, and one set of materials shipped free to anywhere in the United States. (Includes Hundredfold and Resource Book – a $34 value)

Mrs. Gruenewald covers:

  • What is a Vocation Ministry?
  • Why is the parish the best place for this ministry?
  • What is the recipe for a vocation-producing parish?
  • What kind activities should a parish do?
  • Days we normally promote vocations
  • Resources available to promote vocations
  • Partners who can help us in this work

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