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EWTN Day #1

I arrived a day early at EWTN to get settled in and begin my adventure steeped in prayer at the EWTN chapel, but just seeing the EWTN sign had me jumping up and down like a kid arriving at Disney World! The satellites are huge! I had to keep reminding myself that I was supposed to be prayerful while here.

Rhonda and Father Mitch.I felt Mother Angelica’s presence so profoundly as this Global Network is in existence because of a single nun, listening to God’s will and acting upon those nudges. Outside the gift shop is a picture of Mother Angelica with roses from her funeral Mass still by it!

For dinner, I met Fr. Mitch Pacwa, who obviously was trying to make this Texas girl feel welcome in his straw hat. Fr. Mitch did not want to discuss vocations before the show so that I would not think we already had discussed a topic during the show.

He was a hoot! He shared with me about his wild animal shoots on his many travels. We spoke about his time as a new seminarian with the Jesuits in Chicago when he was a community organizer! What? I had no idea.

Another EWTN personality joined us, asking Fr. Mitch about the Crusades for an upcoming special. He was having trouble finding the answer until he asked Fr. Mitch, who spent 20 minutes explaining the answer! I was learning more than I anticipated on my trip to EWTN.

Rhonda at Victoria Texas workshop.