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EWTN Day #2 – EWTN Live with Fr. Mitch Pacwa

I walk into the EWTN studio at 6:30 for the 7:00 live taping of EWTN Live with Fr. Mitch Pacwa. Live! Like a two-second delay only! If I mess this up, I am toast! I am trying to keep those thoughts out of my head as I walk through the studios, but then I pass the control room for the show and see this picture of MY BOOK up on the screens! Surreal, I tell you! When I said that to Fr. Mitch, he said, “Oh, no! This is really happening!”

Rhonda in the parish office.I am taken back to the green room AKA Mother Angelica’s former office!!!!! What?!?!? This is too much! I am just trying to take it all in and not be overwhelmed by it all. Thankfully, Brother John, who happened to be from Texas, too, was taking care of me, and whenever I get around a priest, sister, or brother, I have a million questions about their vocation, so time flew!

Fr. Mitch comes into the green room, and he is ready to go in two minutes! Men do have it so easy in this respect! Anyway, we walk to the studio, and there are those two chairs! The same two chairs that I watched time and again on so many shows for EWTN, especially during the footage of Mother Angelica’s funeral. Wow!

They put my microphone on and tell me to only look at Fr. Mitch, not into the camera, and not at the audience which is over my left shoulder and out of sight. How strange! I can’t see the audience during taping. This is going to be interesting. No audience feedback, no smiles, laughs, or quizzical looks. No time to think about it now. The entrance music is playing.

Video camera screenWe had 26 minutes to talk about vocations together, and then we would take questions from callers and the audience. I don’t remember much, so I had to watch it a week later. I don’t really like to watch or listen to myself at all, so this was tough. Thankfully, I did not appear to be as nervous as I felt! I noticed a read anxiety rash on my neck during the interview, but that was mostly covered by my hair! Praise God!

Fr. Mitch could not have been more gracious! He asked just the right questions, and helped and supported me when I received questions from the audience/callers. At one point, a caller asked two questions, the first about my conversion story and the other about talking with discerners. Great! These two questions I could handle! I tell him of my experience of growing up without much (or no) faith, being baptized at the age of 26, meeting my Catholic husband, giving birth instead of coming into the church at the Easter Vigil, and the rest of the story. When I am finished, I am thinking now what was that second question. I am trying to cover, but I just can’t think of it. Thank you, Jesus, that neither could Fr. Mitch, so some in the audience or behind one of the cameras said, “Discerners.” So real! That just happened on live television!

In no time, the interview was over. Since I did not have a countdown clock in front of me, I did not know exactly how much time was left, so I mentioned to Fr. Mitch that “I have a great Mother Angelica story for you when we have time.” His response was killer! “We won’t have time tonight!” Ha! Ha! Humility is my friend at this point, and I just take it in.

Check out the full interview under “videos” under the media tab. Come, Holy Spirit! Inspire all those who see this show when it replays to pray for vocations and discern If they are being asked to promote vocations at their parish!

Rhonda at EWTN live taping.