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EWTN Day #3 – EWTN Bookmark taping with Doug Keck

When I arrived back to my room after EWTN Live, my phone had blown up with calls, texts, Facebook posts, and emails. It was great to hear affirmation from so many of you! The best was that my two teenagers were jumping up and down, taking pictures of the TV, and posting it to Snapchat or text. In their eyes, I was finally cool. I thought Now I can retire! I have reached the pinnacle of existence!

Rhonda with Doug Keck.I had no time to really soak it all in as I had a 9AM interview with Doug Keck, the President and COO of EWTN, for his show Bookmark that will air in October! When I walked in the studio the next morning after barely making it to mass in the chapel, I was greeted with, “Great show last night!” by several employees. Wow! I was shocked! I expected that from my family and friends but not from those who work at EWTN!

Then, I was led to a different studio for this show, and It was just as I imagined with the lighting crowding in on the library set. Thankfully, Doug was so down to earth, asking me about my story before taping. He was interested from the get go! Then, when we actually started taping the show, he opened MY book, and it was highlighted all over! That was a memorable moment! The COO Doug Keck, who ran EWTN with Mother Angelica, had highlighted my book. Just wow!

He asked great questions, and I finally shared my Mother Angelica story with the audience. I could not have been more pleased with it all! I was walking on cloud nine! While that program will not air until October, I will remember what Doug said as he was signing off, “Everyone should promote vocations!”

Cross in the woods.I came down from cloud nine quickly at the airport when my luggage had to be searched because of my suspicious statues of the Blessed Mother I bought at EWTN! Ha!

On a final note, your prayers were felt in a profound way, and I could not be more thankful for all of you! You were in my prayers each day! God bless you! St. Alphonsus Liguori, pray for us!
God bless you, Doug and EWTN!