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Greensburg Follow-up Virtual

While we have now been giving workshops virtually for almost 9 months, I am not sure I will ever get used to it. Maybe that is a good thing… I love being around people and sharing about Vocation Ministry in person, but alas, sometimes that cannot happen. 

It was a joy to see some of the same amazing people on our virtual follow-up for the Diocese of Greensburg, PA, which is just east of Pittsburgh. When our first workshop was held in November 2019, I was full of hope for this small diocese as they had all the ingredients of having a vocation boom in a few yearsShortly thereafter, the Covid pandemic hit, and our focus shifted elsewhere understandably. They also received the news that your beloved Bishop Malesik was moving to ClevelandLastly, they received a new bishop in one of their own priests: Bishop Kulik. He joined in the virtual workshop from a car as he was driving to a parish across the diocese to share how important this work is for the Diocese of Greensburg and our Church at large! 

During the workshop, we found out that some parishes had continued to create a culture of vocations in their parish, by doing a whole list of activities from my book, especially implementing much time for prayer for vocations! With a new bishop and the pandemic coming to an end, the parishioners have new inspiration to go forward and make a difference!  

Great feedback: 

I feel this second follow-up was wonderful. Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm, it really gives the feeling that we can do these things with all the ideas you have provided.  I liked everyone sharing ideas with our local parishes was so informative.  I am amazed at how so many of our parishes kept this going even during the most difficult time.  

Having read your book, you have made the recipe so simple!    



St. Alphonsus Liguori, pray for us!