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Lansing, Michigan: Parishioner Workshop

This workshop was special for multiple reasons!

Rhonda and her husband David.1. It is in Lansing, home of Michigan State University where my husband went to college. Go Spartans! So, my husband David decided to come along and sight see around his alma mater.

2. We met up with Fr. John Linden, Vocation Director, and Dawn Hausmann, Director of Consecrated Life, and went to dinner with some members of the Vocations Core Team for the Diocese. It was such fun to spend time with people hungry enough for more vocations that they work on it at their parish and for the diocese.

3. The Diocese of Lansing is a special place under the direction of Bishop Boyea! He has such a heart for vocations, attending part of the workshop and presiding over Mass for us.

Rhonda and David with Fr. John Linden, Vocation Director, and Dawn Hausmann4. What a turnout! 54 of the 88 parishes were represented by the 115 attendees at the Hundredfold Workshop! They were fired up, too!

5. I loved meeting four of the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, who are some of the many consecrated sisters who educate the children of the diocese!

The fruits will come! Great job, Fr. John and Dawn! I can’t wait to hear about Vocation Ministries popping up all over the Diocese of Lansing!

Sisters at Lansing Michigan Parishioner Workshop.

Rhonda and her husband David in Lansing Michigan.