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Manchester, NH Parishioner Workshop

On Tuesday, I was in San Diego, and today, I am in Manchester, New Hampshire! Snow is on the ground! This Texas girl finds snow fascinating, except if it is getting in the way of holding a workshop.

We had been praying, but just in case we had a snow date for the workshop. A lot of snow was in the forecast, and people were traveling from all over the state of New Hampshire to attend this workshop.

Thankfully, the snow stayed to the south, and people started trickling in around 8:00, and by 8:30, all the seats were taken. More tables and chairs had to be brought in to contain this growing crowd! We knew the day was going to be BIG, but Wowza! When I spoke to the deacons of Manchester in the fall, their goal was to get 250 people in the room, and boy were they close!

This workshop was one for the history books! Zoom in and you will find me in the middle of the 220 parishioners who represent 72% of the parishes in New Hampshire! They win: Most parish representation in a workshop yet! They bought every bear I brought within 5 minutes, t-shirts were gone, resource books were gone! I took 30 orders!!!  This meant that they were invested into what I was saying! They wanted every resource available. I can’t wait to see what fruit comes from all their work in Manchester, NH!

Packed House in NH!