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Manchester, NH Priests/Deacons

Today, I did something new, and the Holy Spirit showed up in a BIG way! I was given the opportunity to speak about Vocation Ministry with all the permanent deacons of the Diocese of Manchester, New Hampshire and their wives!

Only problem was that the books and resource packets did not arrive for the 80 attendees! The weather must have diverted and delayed the books from arriving. The Vocation Director Fr. Matthew even tried tracking down postal workers for hours to get the boxes of books from the Post Office after hours but no deal.

So, we raffled off the 6 books that we did have. You would have thought that I had given the winners a bar of gold! We made the best of it, and they could not have accepting and encouraging!

Attendees at Manchester New Hampshire Priests and Deacons workshop.

Resort in Manchester, New Hampshire with fall leaves in the background.A few days later and a few hours north, we end up at Mill Falls at the Lake, which was a quintessential New England resort.

This was the nicest place I have ever stayed! Everywhere you looked you were in front of a fireplace that was putting out serious heat. Coming from Houston, Texas, where a fireplace may be needed a handful of times a year, this was AWESOME! I loved every minute of my time there, especially speaking to the priests of New Hampshire, as there is only one diocese in the state. It is tiny in comparison to most dioceses, but the Church has a big heart full of priests. We had an awesome Q & A, talking about everything under the sun that contributes to more vocations! Many priests just need to be inspired to speak about vocations again! Come, Holy Spirit!

Attendees at Manchester New Hampshire Priests & Deacons Workshop.