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National Conference of Diocesan Vocation Directors

There is that long acronym again! NCDVD! What does that mean? National Conference of Diocesan Vocation Directors, which is an organization that brings together the diocesan vocation directors from each diocese each year for a conference. So, each diocese has a priest, normally, who has the title of Vocation Director. It is his job to talk about vocations wherever he goes, walk with serious discerners, screen applicants, and submit them to a committee for approval. Some Vocation Directors are also the Director of Seminarians, too, which means they keep walking this discernment journey with the men throughout seminary, too. About 75% of Vocation Directors are also serving in a parish or school, too, so their time is split, which makes for challenging work to say the least.

Vocation Ministry goes to the NCDVD conference each year to share how Vocation Ministry can increase the amount of people, priests, and parishioners, who will help the Vocation Director in their diocese.  We need each Vocation Director to feel he has the backing of an army of Catholics!

This year, Leticia Ramirez and I went to Vancouver, Washington, where about 200 priests who are literally Fishers of Men came to learn more about this ministry of vocations! We saw Vocation Directors that are good friends of Vocation Ministry and made contact with new Vocation Directors. Did you know that there is a turnover rate of 25% each year for vocation Directors and that they normally only serve in that capacity for 3 years?

Please pray for these priests, the speakers, and Vocation Ministry as we serve to build up the Church to thrive and grow with more holy priests, sisters, and marriages. His Grace is Enough! Blessed Mother, pray for us!

Rhonda at NDVMD