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Omaha, Nebraska Parishioner Workshop

3 1/2 years ago, when in Omaha, I met with Fr. Roza, the Vocation Director for Omaha, pictured below in the middle of all the parishioners. While I was speaking with him in his office, a box of my book Hundredfold arrived. They could have arrived anytime! I took that as a good sign from the Holy Spirit that I would give a workshop one day in Omaha! It took 3 1/2, but the workshop was amazing.

They had to keep adding more tables and chairs! We ended up with 115 parishioners and priests in the room, and they could not have been more enthusiastic.

I, also, met Laurie, who heard an interview I did with Vocation Boom Radio, bought my book, and then a few months later heard I was coming to Omaha! I  Catholic Radio!

Fr. Roza, the Vocation Director for Omaha!