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Parishioner Virtual Workshop at the Diocese of Syracuse

The Diocese of Syracuse declared a Year of Vocations starting November 14, 2020. Our in-person parishioner workshop was to be the first official event for this special year. 100 people had registered to attend in person, but when it had to go virtual and people could join in from wherever they are, 181 participants joined in, representing 79 parishes! We had never given a workshop to parishioners over Zoom! Talk about TRUST! We were asking the Holy Spirit to Come and have His way with this event as we wanted this workshop over Zoom to be as fun and interactive as our in-person workshops are.

Covid-19 thwarted our plans to meet in person, but God showed off in a BIG way! You would think by now that we would know to trust Him as His plans are better than our plans!

“Very energetic and engaging presentation. There are a lot of ideas to start promoting vocations that are doable right away.” -Elizabeth D.


This is the first diocese that I have encountered that has been able to engage all the major departments in the chancery, including Young Adult Ministry, Catholic Schools, and Catechetical Leadership for vocations. This is a new and exciting ground for vocations in the United States, and Syracuse is leading the way. This proves that you do not have to live in a vibrant archdiocese for enthusiasm to shine for our Catholic faith!

Please pray for all from the Diocese of Syracuse who said YES to promoting vocations!

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St. Alphonsus Liguori, Pray For Us!