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Parishioners Kalamazoo, Michigan

Another first for us! We held an in-person and virtual English and Spanish workshop for this western Michigan diocese. I have a new respect for teachers as they try to keep those who are attending virtually as engaged as those in front of them! Even more challenging is keeping me in one place for all to see me… Let’s just say that I like to wander around the room when I speak! Whew!  

It was a blessing to be invited to the Diocese of Kalamazoo by the Vocation Director Fr. Jose Haro (pictured below). He is inspiring in that his reverence during Holy Mass took my breath away! So beautiful! 

This diocese has had many challenges during the pandemic with lockdowns and more lockdowns. Thankfully, we were able to gather even with these struggles. These parishioners understood that God is still calling, even in the midst of the pandemic, maybe even more so… It seems that after a country has undergone real hardships, vocations flourish! Let us pray that that is the case for this diocese and many others across the globe! 

God bless you! 


“You were so thorough and enthusiastic about the very important mission and ministry. I am so grateful for all your hard work and effort.” 


“The practical examples of past experiences were extremely helpful.” 


St. Alphonsus Liguori, pray for us!