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Peoria, Illinois Workshop for Priests

Audience at Peoria Illinois workshop for priests.

About 100 priests of Peoria, Illinois, came to a 4-hour workshop on Forming a Vocation-Friendly Parish! They embraced the idea of creating Vocation Ministries at their parishes. After the workshop, I surveyed the priests who with a large majority of 74% said they are Highly Likely to Start/Continue a Vocation Ministry at their parishes! Wow! I will return to Peoria to hold a Hundredfold Workshop for parishioners in January! I feel the soil being opened up and fertilized, getting ready for the Holy Spirit, right now!

Rhonda at Peoria Illinois workshop for priests.It was icing on the cake to walk through a museum, dedicated to the late Archbishop Fulton Sheen, who was born, raised, and ordained in Peoria!

Archbishop Sheen, pray for the priests of Peoria!