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Fruitful Virtual Workshop with Parishioners of Philadelphia

I so wanted to go to Philadelphia! The plans were made to visit the Cathedral and Shrine of St. Katharine Drexel while on the ground for our parishioner workshop. I could not have been more excited! Then, the city went further into lockdown from the pandemic, and I no longer present to many people. We had to go virtual. Sigh!

Thankfully, we had done this a few times now and received great reviews! This would be my first time to host a workshop on my own without help from my technical support! So much to remember on sharing the screens, showing videos, and so much more. Making it seem effortless was the hardest part!

Thankfully, the parishioners I met were amazing! They were so engaged and eager really to find out how to promote vocations. Our Q & A sessions lasted so much longer than normal. They were curious about all aspects of the work. Fr. DeLacy put forth HIGH expectations saying, “He hoped to triple the number of seminarians because of the efforts made by these parishioners learning how to create a culture of vocations at their parishes.”

We received incredible feedback, too!

One parishioner said, “We received a clear and simple game plan!”

Another parishioner said, “I appreciated how this crystallized the reality that the family support is so critical in the discernment and formation of vocations.”

Justin. S. said, “I received motivation to be more intentional about vocations and to not just focus on priestly vocations, but the universal call to holiness, to wherever God is calling us.”

St. Katherine Drexel, please pray for the parishioners of Philadelphia. May they be inspired to set a strong foundation for vocations at their parishes that will last for generations!


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