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Promotional Video Shoot

St C LogoI have felt on my heart that Vocation Ministry needed a promotional video from almost the beginning. So few people know what a vocation is, so how can a Vocation Director get people to the workshop without knowing more. I don’t know how many times people show up only because “My pastor asked me to come.” This is awesome that they did so, but wouldn’t it be nice if people knew more about Vocation Ministry?

Serra International FoundationI even found a company to make this video after interviewing several secular videographers who had no idea what a vocation is or anything about the Catholic Church. Coronation Media out of Emmitsburg, Maryland. The evening I confirmed with them that I wanted them to make the video, I was reading The American Catholic Almanac, which I highly recommend. It has a daily 2-3-page real-life story about a Catholic patriot, saint, rogues, and ordinary people who changed the USA. Anyway, that night the story was about Mount St. Mary’s College, which is where? Emmitsburg, Maryland!!! Crazy! I love Holy Spirit Moments like that.

Unfortunately, making videos is NOT cheap. I needed to get a grant to pay for this. Coming to my rescue is the Serra International Foundation and Knights of Columbus Council 13357 (our St. Cecilia Council). So after many months, The day was upon us, which led to another Holy Spirit Moment.

Promotional Video ShootI attended Mass at St. Cecilia at our normal time and recognized a religious sister Catherine Thomas, O. P. from the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist from Ann Arbor, MI, in the pew behind me. While speaking with her, I almost asked if she would come today to the shoot and Mass but did not want to intrude on her few days with her family. Fast forward to my sitting in the pew today, lamenting the fact that the religious sister we asked to come to the shoot this morning did not come (not her fault). I look up to see Sr. Catherine Thomas coming out of Adoration!!! A real answer to prayer!!!! She allowed us to videotape her walking up the aisle of the Church and praying. Perfect! God bless you, Sr!

Thank you to those who came to be in the film, Fr. Preston, Leticia Ramirez, Fr. Victor Perez, Sr. Catherine Thomas, O.P., Dr. Joe Trumble, and the pastor of St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Houston Monsignor Bill Young. Thank you, Larry Massey, for bringing us sustenance for the day.

Be on the lookout for the video at Vocation Ministry’s FB page sometime in August. Thank you, Coronation Media!!!

Here is Gary from Coronation Media filming “confession”!

Here is Gary from Coronation Media filming “confession”!