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Seminarian Welcome Back Gift

All seminarians need affirmation throughout their process of discernment. As a ministry, consider giving those seminarians from your parish or all diocesan seminarians a small gift when they return to the seminary at the beginning of the fall semester.

Awareness and Education

Book Rack Materials

  • Litany for priests: Simple but incredibly moving litany by The Discalced Nuns of New Caney, Texas, whose mission is to promote prayer for priests.281-399-0270. 1100 Parthenon Place New Caney, TX 77357-3276
  • A Guide to Religious Ministries for Catholic Men and Women: Resource to request vocation material from different religious orders that includes a brief description of each religious order and contact information. $10. 800-433-7771.


Discerner’s Packet

We know there are youth at every parish discerning their vocation, but most do not have the information needed to make informed choices during this time. A Vocation Ministry can easily help by placing this information at their fingertips in the church book rack, website, or youth room.

Discerning Religious Life

Book cover for Discerning Religious Life.A parish can never have enough resources to give those discerning the priesthood or consecrated life. Teen girls and young women need truth and guidance while discerning. Sister Clare Mattiass, Vocation Director for the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal, has worked with hundreds of young women who felt called to religious life. In her book Discerning Religious Life gives fresh perspective and insights for today’s youth, explaining with humor and wisdom how to discern with clarity the call of Jesus to become His bride. Make sure to have copies on hand at your church to give to those seriously discerning a call to consecrated life.

Available at Vianney Vocations

Melchizedek Project

Promotional Materials

  • Bumper stickers and buttons that promote the priesthood.

To Save A Thousand Souls

Father Brett A. Brannen’s book is the definitive guide for men discerning their vocation, explaining the priesthood, where they are in the discernment process, and the next step in the process. It is now the standard “catechism for discernment” throughout the country, with more than 100 U.S. dioceses ordering it in bulk. It has been translated into Spanish and reprinted in Europe and Asia. Young men affirm that this easy-to-read book answers most of their questions about discerning their vocation, and many seminarians cite its important role in their decision-making process.

Every Vocation Ministry should have copies of this book on hand to present to a young man discerning the priesthood. Furthermore, every ministry member should read the book to gain knowledge of the discernment process for these young men.

To Save a Thousand Souls: A Guide for Discerning a Vocation to Diocesan Priesthood is Available at Vianney Vocations in English or Spanish.

Witness to Love

Witness to Love has been proven to be very effective in preparing couples for marriage and successfully integrating them into their parish. Newly married couples still attend Mass and are active in their parish years after their wedding day. A recent case study found that the full implementation of Witness to Love at a parish in 2012 took the divorce rate from 23% to 0% each year over the next four years.

You may review the program risk-free by visiting

World Marriage Day

World Marriage Day can be celebrated in various ways, but most importantly it is done by uplifting those who have said YES to one another in the sacrament of marriage.

Young Adult Ministry in a Box

Young Adult Ministry in a Box logo.

The program offers several sessions dedicated to vocations, as well. Young Adult Ministry in a Box is an online subscription to a resource kit that will help you create and sustain a vibrant young adult ministry with minimal staff time at minimal cost with maximum results. Check it out here:


Blessing over Married Couples

Let the Children Come to Me
Eucharistic Holy Hour for Children


Along with asking for God’s help and Our Blessed Mother’s prayers, ask for the intercession of the saints who strived for holiness on earth and are now saints in heaven praying for our ministry and its activities. While many venerable and saints can be called upon for prayers for vocations, a few, in particular, are well-known intercessors for these activities.

  • Saint Alphonsus Marie Liguori, Patron of Vocations and Theologians
  • Blessed Junípero Serra, Patron of Vocations
  • Saint John Mary Vianney, Patron of Priests
  • Saint Charles Borromeo, Patron of Seminarians
  • St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows, Patron of Clergy
  • Saint Monica, Patron of Married Women
  • St. Scholastica, Patron of Nuns

Prayer Cards for Vocations


Purchase the following from
Vianney Vocations website:

Prayer for a Seminarian

Vocation Prayers


Prayer cards available for purchase from and


Way of the Cross for Vocations:


A collection of amazing prayers for seminarians, priests, and vocations in general:


Altar Server Recognition at Mass

  • Altar Server Certificate (Word)

Christmas Carols

  • Text lyrics of most Christmas carols: click here to visit for a library of 178 song lyrics.

Teacher’s Vocation Guide

Teachers are called amidst already busy schedules to be more than knowledge transmitters. Students send out signals as they tackle academic and life issues. As a teacher, you have been gifted with the opportunity to respond to your students and to touch their lives by example, by listening, and by providing meaningful feedback.

The purpose of this Quick Reference Guide is to suggest ways that you can encourage vocations to priesthood, religious life, and other Church leadership without sacrificing time needed to complete your curriculum.

Download the Reference Guide for Teachers

Vocation Bible School
Vocation Bible School logo.

Discovery Mission uses a traditional VBS format, with half-day lessons for five days and is every bit as fun and engaging as some of the “big players” in the VBS market. It’s 100% Catholic, and is focused on teaching kids about marriage, priesthood, and religious life. Discovery Mission is not just good for kids, it’s good for the Church! Check it out here:

Walking Rosary for Vocations