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Rhonda Gruenewald – Vocation Ministry Introduction

rhonda shakes hand with priest.Wow! I can’t believe that is up and running! This vocation journey has taken me to some crazy places, doing some amazing things, but I never thought I would have a website, writing a book or a blog for that matter.

I would say that the Holy Spirit has an amazing sense of humor taking a person who grew up without faith in her life, bringing her to the Catholic faith, and dropping her into the vocations world. When I think about it, I am blown away. 3½ years ago I did not know what the word vocation meant. Seriously!

From that first meeting with our new parochial vicar Fr. Victor Perez, our Vocation Ministry has struggled like many of you to have enough funding and volunteers at any given time, but God has provided us with so many heavenly kisses that keep us going.

For example, tonight the Serran Club, an international organization that promotes vocations to the priesthood and religious life, invited our ministry to attend Mass and dinner with the 80+ seminarians at St. Mary’s Seminary in Houston. What a blessing to be around such holy young men! I feel giddy, and it isn’t the wine! These young men are our future priests! God bless our seminarians!

I hope that through, we can have a continual conversation about what we lay people can do to increase vocations within our church. I do know one thing: We must pray! So, let us pray for vocations together right now.

Lord Jesus, as You once called the first disciples to make them fishers of men, let your sweet invitation continue to resound: Come, follow Me! Give young men and women the grace of responding quickly to Your voice. Support our bishops, priests, and consecrated people in their apostolic labor. Grant perseverance to our seminarians and to all those who are carrying out the ideal of a life totally consecrated to Your service. Mary, Mother of the Church, the model of every vocation, help us to say “Yes” to the Lord Who calls us to cooperate in the divine plan of salvation. Amen.

– Saint John Paul II

God bless each of you! St. Alphonsus Liguori, pray for us!

One of the surreal events in my life was winning an award from the Serra Club for promoting vocations in our archdiocese and shaking hands with Cardinal DiNardo!