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San Angelo, TX, Priest Workshop

Priests in San AngeloI was surprised not by the oil wells and dry, flat land of West Texas, but by so many international priests in the diocese of San Angelo, Texas, which encompasses 37,433 square miles and is home to almost 85,000 Catholics. These mostly missionary priests come from Africa, India, and many other far away countries. They left their families decades ago to come to the mission territory of West Texas which could not be more different from their homeland. These priests showed such care for their parishioners!

During the few days I was there, Bishop Sis, who was formerly pastor at Texas A & M University’s St. Mary’s Parish. Texas A & M is the most Catholic public university in the United States. They regularly have 10-15 men and women enter priesthood and religious life EACH YEAR, and that is because of amazing pastors like now Bishop Michael Sis.

In his wisdom, he declared that no more extern priests (meaning those from other countries) would be coming to San Angelo. He said if we want more priests, they MUST come from our own families! He is challenging the families of his diocese to promote vocations in their own homes. God bless this diocese and Bishop Sis!

Bishop Michael Sis