The most beneficial aspects of the workshop are the book, the website and downloadable materials, and the practical nature of “how to”. You were also encouraging in the many ways pastors/priests are trying to encourage vocations.

- Monsignor Mark Merdian

Workshop – Priests


Have you wanted to promote vocations more intentionally in your priestly ministry or at your parish, but you don’t know where to start? You have come to the right place. The focus of this Priest Workshop will be how to create a culture of vocations at your parish! Rhonda Gruenewald leads a fast-paced workshop giving you best practices on how to encourage and foster vocations. (Includes Hundredfold and Resource Book- a $34 value)

Mrs. Gruenewald covers:

  • What is a Vocation Ministry?
  • Why is the parish the best place for this ministry?
  • What is the recipe for a vocation-producing parish?
  • What kind activities should a parish do?
  • How you can best guide the ministry?
  • Finding the right parishioner to direct the ministry.
  • What can I do as a priest to encourage vocations?
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