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Spokane, Washington

February 10-11, 2017


Bishop SkylstadHoly Spirit moment! Leticia and I are on the plane from Denver to Spokane for the Vocation Summit, and the man sitting next to us has a bag that says Catholic Charities of Spokane on it and a gorgeous ring on his finger. Hmmm. I ask if he works for the diocese. He says, “I am Bishop Skylstad.” He is Bishop Emeritus, 83 years old, and traveling from Ecuador on official business! Wow! I can only hope to be that active when I am 83!

I do not believe in coincidence. When we introduced ourselves, he said, “You are the speaker tomorrow? I can’t wait to hear your talk!” Thank you, Holy Spirit!
The Priest Assembly about Forming a Vocation-Friendly Parish went so well! Thank you, Jesus! Bishop Daly was in attendance and affirmed the work we are doing! Wow!

The next day, Leticia and I held workshops, one in English and one is Spanish, for the parishioners of Spokane. It was the first time for Leticia to give a workshop in Spanish. I am so thankful that Fr. Barnett, Rector of Bishop White Seminary and Vocation Director for Spokane, to be the first to say, “We want a workshop in Spanish!”

We even had some Poor Clare Sisters and Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Church in the audience! We ended the day in adoration, in thanksgiving and with our petitions for more young people saying YES to the Lord!

Alphonsus Liguori, pray for us!

Poor Clare Sisters and Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Church in the audience!