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Springfield, Massachusetts

April 8, 2017

Springfield, MATraveling on planes 2-3 times a month, delays can happen. I try to look for what opportunity the Holy Spirit is putting in my path during these times. When I was stuck at Dulles in DC for hours, I saw a young man in a collar! I had to speak to him! His name is Brother Domingo, and he is a seminarian for the Legionaries of Christ! Then, he introduces me to Fr. Andrew, LC! When I tell them my story and why I am going to Springfield, Fr. Andrew says, “I know Fr. Victor Perez!” Wow! Love the Holy Spirit!

Though arriving late, I was so excited to stay for the first time at a cloistered convent of Dominican Nuns. Amazing!
The monstrance was so large and radiant! I only saw the sisters when they can to the opening on the left of the monstrance to receive Eucharist. WOW!

Convent of Dominican Nuns

Then, the workshop for the Diocese of Springfield, Mass., was awesome with 80% of their parishes represented! I was surprised to see so many men in the audience. Normally, 75% of attendees at a workshop will be women, but today it was reversed, with only 25% women.

When leaving, a woman said to me that she has attended countless workshops over the year, and this was the first one where she felt fully equipped to make a difference! Come, Holy Spirit, Come!