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Stockton, CA Priest/Diaconate Workshop!

Made it Stockton!First workshop in California! Fr. Cesar, who was not even the official Vocation Director for this diocese, has been trying to work out my coming to Stockton for 2 YEARS! It seemed like one thing after another would keep this from happening. Their previous bishop had a serious injury, so we were rightfully delayed. Then, they were appointed a new bishop!

I can’t say enough about Bishop Cotta, who has put vocations at the top of his priority list, and for good reason. After the two ordinations this summer, they will have no seminarians! NONE!

So, enter Vocation Ministry!  I loved speaking to the incredible priests of Stockton, who laughed at every joke!  They also bought every one of my new Hundredfold Resource Books! They soaked it all in and reported that they were 100% Highly Likely to start a ministry after the workshop! ALL OF THEM! That was a first!

I can’t wait for March 23rd and the parishioner workshop! Come, Holy Spirit!