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Syracuse Youth and Young Adult Ministry Leaders

So exciting! I once was a small group leader for my parish’s Life Teen youth ministry, so today was a special treat! I spoke with the Youth and Young Adult Ministry Leaders of Syracuse as part of our new Education Initiative.  

Why is this so important? 70% of the men first considered being a priest between birth and 17 years of age. Also, another 25% of diocesan priests heard the call in college or shortly thereafter. This highlights the importance of engaging and encouraging religious vocations at this time of life when these young people are in your midst.  

We need to help our young people recognize that each one of them has been given a unique call from God to do something special, and if that student does not do it, it will go undone in the Church and in the world. 

According to the newly professed religious: 

39% participated in youth ministry or youth group  

35% young adult ministry  

27% participated in Catholic campus ministry/Newman Center. 


Youth and Young Adult Ministers are on the front lines! The reality is that many times parents are not sharing about God’s call to a vocation. So, we hope that you, who are front and center for many children can inspire students to use their gifts to serve God and asking God what is His will in their lives in a variety of ways, vocations flourish. 

gave them new ideas to inspire them to promote vocations by praying in Eucharistic Adoration for God to reveal His plan in their lives. They can also bring awareness to vocations through an art or essay contest and focusing on the saints. I hope that every ministry leader includes their priest in their work and affirm him as often as possible.  

I thank the Ministry Leaders in the Diocese of Syracuse who welcomed me and listened eagerly to our suggestions.