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Wheeling-Charleston, WV

West Virginia! The Lord produced a few glorious days while I was speaking with the 85 priests of West Virginia. I was only speaking for an hour each day, so I had plenty of time to have my own retreat, walking the grounds of their incredible pastoral center.

Each day I learned more about the special challenges that faces most of these priests. They are spread out, many miles from the next town, let alone their brother priest. They may have 100 parishioners, 30 coming to Mass regularly. Quite a few of the priests are religious order missionaries from other countries. Thankfully, they have a good spirit about them and enjoyed their fellowship with one another.

Priests in West Virginia!I, also, met a priest who asked if I happened to know Fr. Francis Macatangay. He was shocked when I said he is my pastor! Out of the 450 priests in Houston the only one he knew is my pastor! They went to seminary together in the Philippines. Crazy! God bless the priests of West Virginia!