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Starting a New Ministry?

Expanding Your Current Ministry?

Phase I

Laying the Groundwork

The activities in Phase I are vitally important for the early and long-term success of a Vocation Ministry—and the peace, energy, and joy of the volunteers involved…

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Phase II

Establishing a Presence

While God inspires all vocations, programs and activities can invite and encourage individuals to be open to God’s call to a religious vocation. Phase II…

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Phase III

Spreading the Word

After implementing a solid foundation of prayer and education in the local parish, a ministry in Phase III is typically…

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Phase IV

Expanding the Ministry’s Reach

By Phase IV the ministry is at the pinnacle of influence, operational capabilities, and visible results within its parish. The Vocation Ministry…

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Online Workshop

Parish Vocation Ministry

The workshop will re-ignite our focus on vocations — to marriage, priesthood, and religious life — which flow from our baptismal call to discipleship. Practically speaking, the workshop will train and equip you to create a parish-based Vocation Ministry that will educate and inspire adults and young people to discern God’s will in their lives.

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It was so beneficial to see the faces of others who actively work in Vocation Ministries and to know we are ALL on a mission.

- Peggy Barrette

What is Vocation Ministry?

The main mission of any Vocation Ministry should be to help all parishioners discern God’s will in their lives regardless of the vocation—to call all people to holiness. If a ministry focuses on this goal, over time vocations will increase, including more seminarians, religious men and women in formation, and holier marriages.

We all know that we need more priests, religious sisters and brothers, and holy marriages. What can you do at your parish? Start a Vocation Ministry that creates a culture of vocations where the Holy Spirit can speak to parishioners. Pray for vocations!

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