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Family Holy Hour

Every effort should be made to bring students before the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. They can pray for their vocation and vocations, in general, especially with their families. Parents can model praying for their children, and in some instances, the children are modeling for their parents.

The beauty is in the simplicity of prayer for vocations. The focus is on Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament at the Family Holy Hour for Vocations.


Inspirational Exhibit

No matter their age, most Catholic students need inspiration from time to time when striving for holiness, the basis for all vocations. A school or ministry can provide an exhibit that encourages students to live as Christ calls each of us to live. The subject can be about miracles, angels, saints, or anything that will promote the faith.

To hold your own exhibit of the Eucharistic Miracles contact:

Carol J. Seydel
Phone: 815-254-4420
[email protected]

vocations exhibit with people viewing display boards.

Speaking Event on Dating/Marriage

marriage on purpose flyer.A ministry should take every opportunity to emphasize that marriage, although witnessed to young people every day by their parents, is a vocation. This sacrament conveys the bond of love between Christ and his people. It should be discerned as strongly as religious vocations. Inviting speakers into the Catholic school setting to speak about having a godly courtship and marriage can reinforce marriage as a vocation.


Wall of Vocations

Show everyone who comes to your school alumni who have answered the call to the priesthood or consecrated life. Hang framed pictures of those who have said “Yes” on a dedicated and highly visible wall. These men and women will be a reminder for all who see them that they, too, could have a call to a life of radically following Christ.


Altar Server Celebration

Knowing that the boys and girls who volunteer as altar servers are at a perfect age for thinking about their own vocation, the ministry should affirm the servers in a variety of ways. Normally, the older the youth, the less likely they will continue to volunteer in this way for the Church, so affirmation should occur often. Though this day can take countless forms, the goal of this activity is to provide encouragement and incentive to keep serving the parish and the Lord in this manner.

Altar Server Certificate- Sample Certificate

Recognize the most accomplished or longest-serving altar servers with either a Pendant or a pin from Serra International. Buy them here:



pin with text that reads serra international mass server award.

Ordination Celebration

When an alumnus discerns and enters the seminary, a celebration is in order. When he is ordained to the priesthood, after years of prayer and study, the whole school should rejoice. His ordination provides an opportunity for the community to affirm the man’s “Yes” to his vocation call and to celebrate together.

A newly ordained priest’s home parish typically offers a Mass of Thanksgiving, which is one of his first celebrations as the presider of the Holy Mass. This can also be planned for his former Catholic grade school or high school. After Mass, a reception provides time for fellowship and for students and teachers, who may have taught that student, to receive a First Blessing from the priest. This event allows everyone the opportunity to experience first-hand the joy of an ordination to the priesthood.