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uplift your priest


Our priests are being called into great heroic action by offering the sacraments, finding creative ways to serve parishioners, and maintaining less than full churches with limited staff support as the pandemic continues. In response, Houston-based Vocation Ministry is launching its annual “Uplift Your Priest” campaign from April 12-23, 2021. The campaign is designed to inspire the laity to support and encourage their priests. We need to let our clergy know that their people recognize their daily sacrifices.

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Daily deed ideas

Daily Deed Ideas

  • Call/text/email your priest
  • Send spiritual bouquets to him
  • Drop off popcorn and snacks for movie night
  • Send him drawings or paintings by children
  • Pray, fast, and offer sacrifices for him
  • Send him a gift card from Amazon or a restaurant
  • Make a family video message/song of affirmation for him
  • Create a sidewalk message in front of church/rectory
  • Post a picture of your family with your priest
  • Drop off or have dinner/lunch delivered
  • Send financial support to the parish, if able
  • Hold a “Parade of Love” for him
  • Challenge or tag 3 families/individuals to pray a Rosary for your priest on Social Media
  • Invite him and other people or families for a digital “gathering”
  • Write him a letter thanking him for his sacrifices
  • Deliver any protective gear or cleaning supplies he may need

When posting on Social Media, consider:

  1. Use Social Media Frame on Facebook Uplift Your Priest
  2. Tag Vocation Ministry in your Facebook/Instagram Posts
  3. Use the Hashtags #Upliftyourpriest #Vocationministry

Meet the Founder, Rhonda Gruenewald

Rhonda GruenewaldRhonda Gruenewald, a full-time wife and mother of two teenagers, converted to the faith thanks to her husband of 19 years, David. Prior to volunteering in the field of vocations, she graduated from the University of Texas in Austin and taught English, speech, and debate at a public high school for 6 years. Rhonda converted to Catholicism in 1999 and became active in parish life at St. Cecilia Catholic Church in Houston, Texas.

Vocation Ministry has worked with more than 6,000 vocation promotors and ministries nationwide with that number increasing each year. “The demand is there,” says Rhonda. “People everywhere are passionate about increasing and nurturing vocations. I see it all over the country. This passion stems not only from a desire to foster more healthy vocations, but truly from people’s love for Christ and his Church. The Church of tomorrow already exists – we just have to begin to awaken it!”

Rhonda wrote Hundredfold: A Guide to Parish Vocation Ministry and its accompanying resource book and developed the website to provide information, activities, and inspiration for anyone seeking to establish or revive a vocation ministry.

Rhonda continues to present workshops to parishioners, deacons, priests and religious to teach them how to do this important work at parishes all over the United States and Canada. Rhonda also shares the message of Vocation Ministry with priests at convocations.

Uplift Your Priest

Suggested Interview Questions


  • Where did the idea for this campaign come from?
  • Why is “Uplift Your Priest” important, and what do you hope to accomplish through it?
  • What are some suggested activities promoted by the campaign?
  • How can people get involved?
  • Can you share more about Vocation Ministry and its work to promote vocations?

“It’s an honor to more fully live my vocation to the priesthood during this unprecedented time. To know that my parishioners are behind me, praying for me, and offering their support does a great deal to lift my spirits and keep me focused on the work at hand. I’m very grateful for Vocation Ministry’s efforts to launch this campaign. I know many of my brother priests will feel the same.”

Fr. Jon Schnobrich, Diocese of Burlington, VT

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