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How is Vocation Ministry impacting vocations?

The goal of Hundredfold: A Guide to Parish Vocation Ministry was to provide information, activities, and inspiration to anyone starting, reviving, or refreshing a parish-based vocation ministry, and to help those ministries thrive.

It was designed to inspire parishes to get involved in vocation work, to help new ministries start strong by providing a clear guide to the nuts and bolts of the ministry and to reinvigorate longstanding committees with fresh ideas that attract new workers to his vineyard.

As Vocation Ministry grew, so did the demand for more resources. In April 2017, Sembrando Semillas, a Spanish translation of her book was published, providing additional materials specifically related to predominantly Spanish-speaking parishes.

Our newest book that was released in the summer of 2021, The Harvest: A Guide to Vocation Ministry in Education offers 75 pioneering ideas to create a vocation-friendly environment in schools and classrooms. Our hope is that vocations permeate all aspects of Catholic education.