The Harvest: A Guide to Vocation Ministry in Education


The Harvest: A Guide to Vocation Ministry in Education focuses on how to promote holy vocations in:

Catholic schools


Catechism classes

Youth ministry programs

College campus ministries

Rhonda Gruenewald is a native Texan and passionate convert to Catholicism. After teaching high school for 6 years and staying home for 15 years with her two children, she founded Vocation Ministry, which promotes vocations to the priesthood, consecrated life, and sacramental marriage. After being asked many times “What can we do in our Catholic schools?” she authored a new book The Harvest: A Guide to Vocation Ministry in Education.

This 200-page comprehensive guide provides practical advice and inspiration, including 75 impactful activities, easily implemented in classroom settings. This ground-breaking approach gives our Catholic educators the resources needed to positively affect the Church and our youth for generations to come!

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