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Parishioners of Greensburg, PA

On Friday night before the Saturday workshop, I had the amazing opportunity to tour St. Vincent Archabbey, a Benedictine Monastery, the oldest monastery in the US and the largest in the Western Hemisphere. I was privileged to listen to their incredible organ and see where the monks eat and pray! What a place to contemplate … Continued

Diocese of San Diego, CA, Parishioners

Sometimes we asked to come to beautiful places to hold workshops! Now, don’t get me wrong. Every diocese has beauty to offer. I live in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, and I love it. BUT I don’t think that it is an incredibly beautiful place to live. We have no mountain or ocean view, and the … Continued

Diocese of Greensburg, PA, Priests

This group of priests made such an impression on me. Yes, they are a group of men, average about 65, who said YES to this vocation of priesthood many years ago. But what impressed me was their resiliency. You see this area of the US is ground zero for the grand jury report that came … Continued

Diocese of Austin

When I have a workshop in my own home state of Texas, I rejoice! I love traveling this state in which I grew up! I want vocations booming here in this state in a BIG way! I had been trying to have a workshop in Austin for about 4 years, so to finally get the … Continued

National Conference of Diocesan Vocation Directors

There is that long acronym again! NCDVD! What does that mean? National Conference of Diocesan Vocation Directors, which is an organization that brings together the diocesan vocation directors from each diocese each year for a conference. So, each diocese has a priest, normally, who has the title of Vocation Director. It is his job to … Continued

Napa Institute

I did not know what to expect when I was asked to speak at the Napa Institute. The first question I had was, “What is the Napa Institute anyway?” I knew only that many Cathoilcs, including bishops converged on Napa Valley in the Summer, but why? Officially, the Napa Institute is, “a Summer Conference that … Continued

Grand Island, Nebraska Parishioner Follow-up Workshop

Last workshop of the spring happened where my first diocesan workshop took place 3 1/2 years ago in one of the largest (size) and smallest (Catholic population) dioceses in the US: Grand Island! It boasts of more cows than people! A handful of these parishioners below were at my workshop long ago and did exactly … Continued

Omaha, Nebraska Parishioner Workshop

3 1/2 years ago, when in Omaha, I met with Fr. Roza, the Vocation Director for Omaha, pictured below in the middle of all the parishioners. While I was speaking with him in his office, a box of my book Hundredfold arrived. They could have arrived anytime! I took that as a good sign from … Continued

Stockton, California Parishioner Workshop

I was just in the snow in Manchester, New Hampshire, and now I am back in California! When I spoke to the priests in February, they were 100% Highly Likely to start a Vocation Ministry! They proved it. This tiny diocese of 35 parishes has 160 parishioners present representing 77% of their parishes! Unbelievable! They … Continued

Manchester, NH Parishioner Workshop

On Tuesday, I was in San Diego, and today, I am in Manchester, New Hampshire! Snow is on the ground! This Texas girl finds snow fascinating, except if it is getting in the way of holding a workshop. We had been praying, but just in case we had a snow date for the workshop. A … Continued