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Our new book, The Harvest: A Guide to Vocation Ministry in Education,

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Syracuse Parishioner Follow-Up

What a blessing to see some familiar faces again! This was the first follow-up workshop, where I had not met the participants in person before! Our first encounter was supposed to be at the Cathedral in the Diocese of Syracuse in November 2020, but the pandemic shut us down. We pivoted, and within 4 days, … Continued

Parishioners Kalamazoo, Michigan

Another first for us! We held an in-person and virtual English and Spanish workshop for this western Michigan diocese. I have a new respect for teachers as they try to keep those who are attending virtually as engaged as those in front of them! Even more challenging is keeping me in one place for all … Continued

Greensburg Follow-up Virtual

While we have now been giving workshops virtually for almost 9 months, I am not sure I will ever get used to it. Maybe that is a good thing… I love being around people and sharing about Vocation Ministry in person, but alas, sometimes that cannot happen.  It was a joy to see some of the … Continued

Kalamazoo Priests

Wow, did it feel good to travel again! What a blessing it was to speak to the priests of Kalamazoo, Michigan! It was another first for Vocation Ministry as we gave this workshop in-person AND virtually.   We ran an experiment, something I love to ask priests to do! See, according to the 2020 class of ordinands, about 60% of … Continued

Archdiocese of Newark Follow-up

Each time I speak with parishioners, I am amazed at their enthusiasm for the Church, vocations, and their faith! It is inspiring!  Last year, I was with the parishioners of the Archdiocese of Newark, encouraging them to promote vocations in their parishes, and then shortly thereafter, the Covid-19 pandemic hit and our focus shifted elsewhere understandably.  Now, a year later, we still need to … Continued

Syracuse Youth and Young Adult Ministry Leaders

So exciting! I once was a small group leader for my parish’s Life Teen youth ministry, so today was a special treat! I spoke with the Youth and Young Adult Ministry Leaders of Syracuse as part of our new Education Initiative.   Why is this so important? 70% of the men first considered being a priest between birth and 17 … Continued

Diocese of Syracuse- Catechists

Another FIRST for Vocation Ministry! As part of our new Education Initiative, we now are engaging catechists to promote vocations in a variety of ways. There is little doubt that without wonderful catechists sharing their faith and encouraging their students to living out their Baptismal call to holiness that we would have fewer sisters, brothers, and priests to … Continued

Archdiocese of Newark, NJ- Priest follow-up

In January of 2020, I spent a day with about 45 priests from the Archdiocese of Newark to encourage them to promote vocations in their parishes. We asked them to send 2-5 parishioners to a parishioner workshop that was held just 6 weeks later. They responded so beautifully by sending 125 parishioners to that workshop to be equipped!   Shortly thereafter, our world’s focus shifted elsewhere understandably. We are living … Continued

Behind the Veil #2

We had our second virtual look into convent life with 5 communities and 150 discerners and those curious about convent life! It was inspirational to see so many women from all over the United States, representing 100 different dioceses! We had a group of American Heritage Girls, families, and two houses of discernment joining us, too.  Each hour gave … Continued

Catholic School Principals Virtual Workshop- Diocese of Syracuse 

Another FIRST for Vocation Ministry! What an honor it was to give a 2-hour presentation on how Catholic schools can becomevocation-producing to all the principals of the Diocese of Syracuse, New York! This was Vocation Ministry’s 90th workshop in 5 years!   There is little doubt that without Catholic schools we would have fewer sisters, brothers, and … Continued