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Grand Island, Nebraska Parishioner Follow-up Workshop

Last workshop of the spring happened where my first diocesan workshop took place 3 1/2 years ago in one of the largest (size) and smallest (Catholic population) dioceses in the US: Grand Island! It boasts of more cows than people! A handful of these parishioners below were at my workshop long ago and did exactly … Continued

Omaha, Nebraska Parishioner Workshop

3 1/2 years ago, when in Omaha, I met with Fr. Roza, the Vocation Director for Omaha, pictured below in the middle of all the parishioners. While I was speaking with him in his office, a box of my book Hundredfold arrived. They could have arrived anytime! I took that as a good sign from … Continued

Stockton, California Parishioner Workshop

I was just in the snow in Manchester, New Hampshire, and now I am back in California! When I spoke to the priests in February, they were 100% Highly Likely to start a Vocation Ministry! They proved it. This tiny diocese of 35 parishes has 160 parishioners present representing 77% of their parishes! Unbelievable! They … Continued

Manchester, NH Parishioner Workshop

On Tuesday, I was in San Diego, and today, I am in Manchester, New Hampshire! Snow is on the ground! This Texas girl finds snow fascinating, except if it is getting in the way of holding a workshop. We had been praying, but just in case we had a snow date for the workshop. A … Continued

San Diego, CA Priest Workshop!!

Back to California! And I am so excited! I have heard for so many years how beautiful San Diego is, and they were all correct! I could not believe how the water was just part of life. I live about 75 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, but it does not look like the picture … Continued

Galveston-Houston, TX, Parishioner Workshop

Can you see my joy! I am finally giving a workshop on promoting vocations in my own Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, with some of my favorite people, including Serrans, priests and seminarians. The Serrans in the audience were the first to say, “Go, Rhonda, Go!” “Keep Writing that book!”. They helped me find funding for the … Continued

San Angelo, TX, Priest Workshop

I was surprised not by the oil wells and dry, flat land of West Texas, but by so many international priests in the diocese of San Angelo, Texas, which encompasses 37,433 square miles and is home to almost 85,000 Catholics. These mostly missionary priests come from Africa, India, and many other far away countries. They left … Continued

Stockton, CA Priest/Diaconate Workshop!

First workshop in California! Fr. Cesar, who was not even the official Vocation Director for this diocese, has been trying to work out my coming to Stockton for 2 YEARS! It seemed like one thing after another would keep this from happening. Their previous bishop had a serious injury, so we were rightfully delayed. Then, … Continued

Beaumont, TX Parishioner Workshop

First workshop of 2019 was only a few hours from Houston in Beaumont, Texas! I knew this would be a great workshop because Bishop Guillory was so enthusiastic after the priest workshop a few months prior that he called me to thank me for Vocation Ministry. That had never happened before. He also cancelled a … Continued

Davenport, IA Priests and Deacons Workshop

I knew the minute I arrived at the Best Western Plus in Davenport that the Priest and Deacon Convocation would be a hit! You just sometimes have a feeling about a place. This was one of those times! Every priest and deacon I met was so happy to have me there. After my first of … Continued