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Foster a Vocation-Producing Parish


Our Founder Rhonda Gruenewald explains what a priest can do to be a vocation promoter in his own parish.


What can you do?

  • Speak about vocations more often.
  • Promote vocation events planned by the ministry.
  • Share a joyful and authentic example of the priesthood.
  • Start a vocation parish ministry.
  • Invite youth to consider a vocation to the priesthood or religious life.
  • Share your vocation testimony.

Downloadable Resources

Check out THIS VIDEO for an example of a testimony!

Invite Discerners

Steps to forming a parish vocation ministry:










Step 1- Incorporate the vocation days calendar into the parish calendar.

Vocations Days (Word)

Vocations Days (PDF)


Step 2- Invite a few parishioners to join a vocation ministry/committee. 


Step 3- Buy a copy of Hundredfold: A Guide to Parish Vocation Ministry and a bilingual Hundredfold-Sembrando Semillas Resource Book for each member of the ministry. 


Step 4- Gather the members for a meeting

  • Discuss how to celebrate the next few vocation days on the calendar.
  • Discuss Phase I activities in the book and website to implement to create a vocation-friendly environment.


Step 5- Provide support when needed and where possible for this new ministry.

  • Attend ministry meetings when possible.
  • Promote and participate in ministry activities and events.
  • Spiritually guide this ministry, especially in the beginning.

Read our most recent article, Without Vocations, There Will Be No Eucharistic Revival by Father Roger Landry about Vocation Ministry’s work and its importance.

Diocesan Partners


Vocation Ministry has worked with these and other dioceses to help build a culture of vocations. Want us to help your diocese? Let your vocation director know about our workshops.

List of All Dioceses (PDF)