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“Some of the members of our Vocations Committee attended the first workshop in 2015 and returned with a new attitude and excitement about vocations. At that point, our diocese had one seminarian. We were thoroughly impressed with all the information, both from the workshop and from reading Rhonda’s book Hundredfold. I am happy to say we have a young man from our parish entering seminary this coming fall, which will make 9 seminarians for our diocese 3 ½ years later. Through bulletin announcements, Eucharistic adoration, special dinners, and “Meet our Seminarians” ice cream social, we are promoting the priesthood, diaconate, consecrated life, and married life on an on-going basis.”

Dean and Joan Schoppe

I just wanted to pass on my personal appreciation and a thank you for such a wonderful and inspiring workshop. You are dynamic and motivating. The Holy Spirit is truly watching over you on your journey.


I have already contacted my Parish Administrator and provided a rundown on the meeting (it was all positive!) with a recommendation to meet and get a Vocations Ministry off the ground at our cluster of parishes.

Luciano Corbo

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for your awesome presentation on vocations today. I believe I was one of those people, like you, that really didn't know what vocations were. Thank you for educating and enlightening me! I have already begun reading your book. Even though I just left your talk an hour ago! That's a testament to how inspiring you were. My pastor, Fr Mark, was there, too, and I believe that he is on board. Yah! I really hope so! What a wonderful, fun journey this will be for our parish! Again, thank you so much for all that you do for Christ. What a blessing that is!


Your enthusiasm for Vocation Ministry lit a fire in my heart!

Kerry Matthyssen, Diocese of London, Ontario, Canada

Thanks for a very informative and productive day Saturday in Peoria. It is clear from your work and enthusiasm that you have responded generously to the promptings of the Holy Spirit in your life. Thanks for coming to Peoria and helping us to "put our vocations ministry out into deep water.

Dave Cratty, Corpus Christi Parish, Galesburg, IL

The Complete Package- It was “Vocation Ministry in a Box” I felt someone who is inexperienced but moved by the Holy Spirit could pick this up and run with it!


Knowing nothing about this ministry, I feel that we received such valuable information from such a dynamic speaker, who is so very passionate about vocations!

Barbara Randolf, Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas

I am a teacher, and it made me realize some ways that I can promote vocations at the school!

Anonymous, Diocese of Lansing, Michigan

To see the faces of others who actively work in Vocation Ministries and to know we are ALL on a mission.

Peggy Barrette, Diocese of London, Ontario, Canada

We are busy updating our vocations posters and materials around the parishes. We also met with our pastor, Fr. Torres. We are energized and ready to make a difference with lots of ideas! This week our vocations ministry is sending out homemade cards with words of encouragement, love, and affirmation from our parish children to all the seminarians. We also have an Easter card drive going on. I addressed the envelopes and asked parishio¬ners to write a note of encouragement to a discerner / seminarian as well as a promise to pray for them. We have an Adoration Chapel, and will be kicking off a prayer drive soon with the help of our adorers and parishioners. We will adorn the area below the monstrance with a special fabric that will be used as a reminder to pray for vocations. We are providing prayer cards, booklets, and literature to encourage such prayer. Next up, we will be asking families to “adopt” a seminarian. We will be encouraging prayer, Rosaries, Holy Hours, fasting, etc., as well as notes, cards, care packages, and encouragement for their adoptee. I am planning to run Vocation Vacation Bible School this summer and we have started Adoration for those preparing for marriage. Lots happening in the north country with the incredible support of our pastor!

Alicia Dorsey, St. Ann’s Church, Fort Ann New York

We celebrated World Day of Consecrated Life at a reception at our K-6 grade school during Catholic Schools Week honoring our Priest, Bishop and Sr. Lee Anne who has been teach¬ing our angels for 28 years! It was a grand celebration! World Day of Marriage was celebrated with a blessing at Mass. We had our vocations banner out for both celebrations also. We started a traveling chalice program in January and the parish has embraced this! How powerful to know someone right here at home is praying for vocations every day! It gives me goosebumps! We are struggling to find a way to raise some funds for our ministry in hopes of being self-sufficient from the church budget. Our priest is this amazing supporter of our group and attends all our meetings and is open to any project we want to try. We are so very thankful for that!

Laurie Hervert, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Ord, NE

The most beneficial aspects of the workshop are the book, the website and downloadable materials, and the practical nature of “how to”. You were also encouraging in the many ways pastors/priests are trying to encourage vocations.

Monsignor Mark Merdian, Diocese of Peoria, Illinois

It provided practical steps to address a pressing need in our diocese. The wide gamut of possibilities allows large and small parishes to DO something. Rhonda is good at responding to questions and has lots of practical experience, both positive and negative.

Very Reverend Jay Peterson, Vicar General, Diocese of Great Falls-Billings

The best convocation we have had!

A Priest from Amarillo, TX