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Celebrated: 2nd Sunday in October  


Purpose: To affirm these men who have said YES to serving the Church in a profound way.

Deacons deserve much affirmation for their tireless work, proclaiming the word of God, giving homilies, performing baptisms, and witnessing marriages, among other responsibilities. These selfless servants are fully ordained clergy, reporting directly to the bishop.

During the 2021 calendar year, 458 new permanent deacons were ordained in US arch/dioceses. At the same time, 512 deacons retired from active ministry, and another 393 deacons died. “As is the case with priests in the United States, there are not enough new permanent deacons being ordained to make up for the numbers who are retiring from active ministry and dying each year,” the CARA report said.

Our hope is that you and your ministry will incorporate this vocation day into your parish or school schedule. We look forward to seeing how you celebrate this special day for your deacons.


What do deacons do:

  • Proclaim the Gospel
  • Baptize
  • Witness marriages
  • Perform funeral and burial services outside of the Eucharist
  • Distribute Holy Communion
  • Preach the homily
  • Visit the sick
  • Teach the faith
  • Provide counsel for couples and individuals
  • Work on parish committees
  • Advise and assist pastors


Mass Announcement:

Please join Vocation Ministry today, Deacon Sunday, in praying for our deacons, praising God for their gift of service and charity. Also, please take a moment after Mass to fill out a spiritual bouquet, which is an offering of prayer for [each of] our deacons. God bless our deacons!

Prayers of the Faithful:

For all deacons who are ordained to serve our Church, that their ministry may be fruitful and appreciated by the people whom they serve, we pray to the Lord…

For the gift to our (parish or diocese) of vocations to the ordained diaconate, that good men may be drawn to love and to serve the People of God, we pray to the Lord…

That we may never take the presence of our deacons for granted, as we cherish their service to us at church, at home and in the hospital, we pray to the Lord…

For all deacons who struggle with challenges of balancing family, work, and the church, that they may be guided by the grace of the Holy Spirit, we pray to the Lord…

For deacons, who now sleep in peace of the resurrection, and for those who may die this year or this day, that God lead them gently into their eternal reward, we pray to the Lord…


  • Call/text/email/write your deacon
  • Send spiritual bouquets to him
  • Pray, fast, and offer sacrifices for him
  • Send him a gift card from Amazon or a restaurant
  • Hold a reception for your deacons and their wives to say thank you for their service to the parish
  • Send him drawings or paintings by children


Deacon Sunday Coloring Page(PDF)

Dear Deacon Letter from Children (PDF)

Dear Deacon Letter from Children-Spanish(PDF)



St. Stephen, Patron of Deacons and Altar Servers

St. Lawrence, Patron of Deacons

St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows, Patron of Clergy


Have your deacon fill out this simple questionnaire to find out about him and how to affirm him best.

Get to Know Your Deacon Questionnaire (Word)

Get to Know Your Deacon Questionnaire (PDF)


A prayer for deacons:

O Christ, You are the source of all ministry in the Church. In response to the needs of the People of God, through the laying on of hands and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, You have called forth and ordained deacons as servants for our Church.

Continue to sustain those You have called to this ministry so they remain ardent servants with gentle hearts, proclaiming the Gospel and serving at Your Holy table.

Help them reflect the real and true presence of Christ, the Deacon, to the needy among us. We also give thanks for those who accompany these men in their journey of service—their wives and families, their parish communities, and all those who call them to respond in faith, hope, and love.

Loving Savior, continue to help Your Church affirm our deacons in their service. Together as one family of faith, may all that we say and do give honor and glory to You and draw others ever closer to Your Sacred Heart. Amen.

Prayer by Most Rev. Douglas Lucia, bishop of Syracuse, NY




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