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Our priests are being called into great heroic action by offering the sacraments, finding creative ways to serve parishioners, and maintaining less than full churches with limited staff support. In response, the Houston-based Vocation Ministry launches its annual “Uplift Your Priest” campaign on the Monday after the 2nd Sunday of Easter. The campaign is designed to inspire the laity to support and encourage their priests. We need to let our clergy know that their people recognize their daily sacrifices, especially after Lent and Easter.


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Daily Deed Ideas

  • Call/text/email your priest
  • Send spiritual bouquets to him
  • Drop off popcorn and snacks for movie night
  • Send him drawings or paintings by children
  • Pray, fast, and offer sacrifices for him
  • Send him a Gift Card from Amazon or a restaurant
  • Make a family video message/song of affirmation for him
  • Create a sidewalk message in front of the church/rectory
  • Post a picture of your family with your priest
  • Drop off or have dinner/lunch delivered
  • Send financial support to the parish, if able
  • Hold a “Parade of Love” for him
  • Challenge and tag 3 families/individuals to pray a Rosary for him on social media
  • Invite him and other people or families for a digital “gathering”
  • Write him a letter thanking him for his sacrifices
  • Deliver any protective gear or cleaning supplies he may need

When posting on Social Media, consider:

  1. Use Social Media Frame on Facebook Uplift Your Priest
  2. Tag Vocation Ministry in your Facebook/Instagram Posts
  3. Use the Hashtags #Upliftyourpriest #Vocationministry 

Daily Deed Ideas

Feel free to download and use all images for your Uplift Your Priest Campaign! You can use images for your social media pages, website, blog, etc. Please consider tagging us @VocationMinistry and using #UpliftYourPriest #VocationMinistry